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When restoring such a special vehicle, it all comes down to precision, scheduling and perfect execution. This requires hours of extremely detailed planning. Constant scrutiny and regular reviews are also needed for each ongoing process. Peter Furer’s personal highlight is the completion of the engine – or rather the procurement of the right original parts, historical research into their authenticity, ensuring the highest quality standards and, finally, the compatibility of the mechanical functionality. Furer: “The project is an extraordinary experience for me. I feel greatly obligated towards this historic Ferrari model. At the same time, it’s a challenge that I gladly accept with joy and pride in getting this Ferrari ready for official certification.” Peter Furer cannot stop thinking about the project, even in the evening: even late at night, he still scours historical books and the internet for new ideas and approaches. In addition, he has intensive discussions with a wide variety of Ferrari owners and former Ferrari mechanics.

Peter Furer is working on this project with Loris Visciani – a promising young talent in the Classiche workshop at B.I. Collection. The 23-year-old owns a modern classic himself, and has a great passion for classic cars. He is looking to become a car restorer.

Peter Furer doing restoration work on the Ferrari 330 GT.

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